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Distance from Hotel: 3.5 km

Allamanda Bicycle Rentals
Cycling in Grenada is a dream. Out in the open air the warm fragrant breeze flows past you, rich with a hint of spice. All around you are gorgeous tropical colours and sounds and the lush green of the luxuriant Grenadian plantlife. On a bike you really see the world around you. Stop off and chat to some local people, ask for advice or directions and you will discover how fantastically friendly this lovely country is. You really feel the spirit and culture of Grenada on a bike. Pedal around a bend and there is the sparkling beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Pack your swimming things and cycle to the beach for a refreshing swim or to watch the fabulous sunset. Cycle to the Grand Anse Vendor’s Market to buy a drink, a Grenadian meal, or some local spices or crafts.

“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the human race” – HG Wells (English Author)

Allamanda bicycle rentals include mountain bikes and men’s and women’s cruisers. Bicycle hire prices are as follows:-

– US$20/day
– US$100/week

Hire a bicycle for few days and you can really explore the less challenging coastal roads around the Allamanda in Southern Grenada. Cycle to Grillmaster for a breakfast of salfish and bakes, or to get a roti from Fish and Chicks. There are many wonderful beaches around the Allamanda that are only a short cycle ride away – have fun comparing them and choosing your favourite. Ride into St George’s, the capital, and explore the Caribbean’s prettiest town. cruise around the lovely winding streets and around the Carenage, watching the boats in the stunningly gorgeous harbour. The speed of a bike is really the best way to see Grenada. Notice those goats tethered by the roadside, or a patch of Callaloo in a ditch. Stop and look at a fabulous blossom or that stunning view. Ride up a little track to watch the rushing stream alongside. Everywhere you look the scenery in Grenada is spectacular, and on a bike you can stop and gaze wherever you please!

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