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Grand Anse Beach

Distance from Hotel: We are situated on Grand Anse Beach

No matter how many times you enter the Grand Anse Beach, the effect is always stunning. It’s like walking from a two dimensional black and white page into a three dimensional world of glinting sea-reflections and a myriad of colours. Overhead is a huge and lovely sky vaulting over beach and sea. Walk through the Allamanda gate and your world suddenly expands. You are in the middle of a seemingly endless 2.5 miles of absolutely gorgeous soft white sand, lapped by the gentle waves of the impossibly blue Caribbean Sea.

The Beach
Without doubt this is one of the world’s most impressive and beautiful beaches. Stroll slowly along the beach, stopping occasionally in the cooling shade of the Sea Grape or Seaside Almond trees that decorate the beach.

Look across the sapphire sea and you will see darker areas where underwater reefs offer fabulous snorkelling in a world of tropical sealife. Look over the water and the enchanting view of St George’s, the capital, is beckoning you with its offers of winding streets and lovely buildings.This idyllic beach could be your whole holiday. No need to go elsewhere – there is a complete world of daily life on the beach. Beautiful views all around, calm waters, food to eat and the friendliest local people to meet! Take an early morning swim as the sun rises and shoals of tropical fish swim all around you. Amble slowly up the beach and you will find so many lovely places to simply sit and meditate. For much of the time the beach is nearly deserted. Obviously on public holidays, carnival time, or when a cruise ship calls it gets more busy, but it is quite easy to plan your visits to avoid these times. Even in a busy time it is perfectly easy to find your own deserted escape.

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