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Distance from Hotel: 5 km

Kayaking in Grenada is a magical experience. You paddle a little, then drift lazily over crystal clear waters above coral reefs and around mangroves.The complex coastline of Southern Grenada entices you to explore its natural wonders. This is the joy of kayaking in the Caribbean Sea. If you can swim and you want to explore where only a boat can go, then kayaking is your chance. Our kayaking trips include full training for the novice kayaker, and take you around convoluted coastline around Woburn and Calavigny Bays. This area is not only beautiful, it is rich in diverse wildlife. Whilst you drift over aquamarine seas you are surrounded by pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas of great beauty.

The areas from Woburn to Egmont constitute a Marine Protected Area, and here you will see the fabulous habitat that is Mangrove forest. Mangroves are environmentally valuable as their complex roots stabilise the soil and stop erosion. They also trap sediments and help the surrounding plant systems. Many small fish live in this complex tangle, the strange roots frequently stick up a considerable way into the air. Mangrove is home to a rich population of animals and plants, which form the food of larger animals in the surrounding waters. On our kayaking trips you will visit deserted beaches and have lunch and a drink in secluded bays. Paddle or swim in incredibly clear blue water above gorgeous coral reefs and meadows of sea-grass. This area provides some of the best snorkeling in Grenada. In the water you may see teeming tropical fish, turtles, lobster and squid as well as sponges and sea urchins. On the land you may see the very shy and rare Grenadian Dove – an endangered and protected species. Up in the sky you will watch the cruising shapes of Frigate birds, and Red-footed and Brown Boobies searching the waters for fish.

The coastline here is not just complex, it is also amazingly beautiful. Look up and you will see the way the shore rises up to the hills and on up to the mountains beyond. The land here rises up to the local peak of Mount Hartman, which is carpeted with dry forest. This area is protected for posterity as the Mount Hartman National Park and is home to a wide variety of Grenadian wildlife as well as the Grenada Dove.This type of woodland is different and not so high as the rainforest further in the interior.

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