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Snorkeling & Diving

Distance from Hotel: 11 km

Diving under your boat the crystal clear water glints and shimmers. Shoals of tropical fish reflect a rich palette of colours and hues, as they dart here and there. The underwater world is enticing you to enter. Swim down and enter submarine fields of sea grass and coral, with shards of light sparkling and reflecting off amazing tropical marine life. The Grand Anse Beach is surrounded by the most wonderful Coral reefs. You may see the amazing sight of a Flying Gurnard come lazily swimming past and displaying its large “wings” (enlarged pectoral fins). The light reflects off a shimmering shoal of fish as they flash by. The displays of colour and movement in this world are entrancing.

snorkelingAllamanda Snorkeling Trips
Our Grenada snorkeling sites are in the calm and sheltered Caribbean Sea. The waters off the western leeward side of Grenada are sheltered from the Atlantic waves. Here the Caribbean Sea is calm, warm and crystal clear. The sea is placid and shallow, and snorkeling here is safe, even for inexperienced swimmers.In a boat it takes a mere 10 minutes from Grand Anse to reach the coral reefs and snorkeling sites that we visit. Foremost is Molinere Bay, which is the site of the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park. nearby are reefs in Dragon Bay, Happy Valley and Grand Mal. Flamingo Bay is the most popular snorkeling destination in Grenada. Here you will find shallow water over ridges made by reefs of coral, rock or sand. Swim around corals and sponges, and watch the amazing tropical sealife that lives amongst them.

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